Ayahuasca is a highly effective healing-plant, which has been used for millennia for rituals and spiritual gatherings by indigenous people – specifically in Central and South America, where these cultures still exist today.

Western science has begun to recognize and systematically research its amazing healing potential, especially since the 1990s, which has led to countless studies since the 2000s that demonstrate the high and sustainable effectiveness of Ayahuasca, for example, in the fight against depression or addictive diseases.

In the European-Asian region, it is the Syrian rue, which is less well known in connection with ayahuasca rituals, which has also proven its high effectiveness for numerous physical and mental illnesses instances.

100% legal with Ayahuasca Deutschland

The special thing about Syrian rue is that taken in high dosage, it unfolds the same effect as the classic ayahuasca from the Amazon from the Amazon, this leads to the opening of the so-called third eye in order to be able to gain consciousness-expanding experiences without adding the illegal DMT component. Syrian rue is 100% legal and only causes the opening, i.e. activation of the pineal gland and thus the release of the body’s own DMT.

It is therefore the highest concern of Ayahuasca in Germany to finally decriminalize this medicinal plant, which clearly, has such a profound effect on so many levels and also to make it accessible to a wider group of the public. Ultimately, we aim to focus attention on the value and importance of medicinal plants, since they are – in contrast to pharmaceutical and psychotropic drugs – without any side effects and risks, as long as they are used carefully and in a safe environment.

That’s why, at Ayahuasca in Germany, we ensure that every participant is in a protected room, under highly professional guidance and will be accompanied by our team during their process.

So, the set and setting always has to be right: the plant can only do its “work” if the intention for change and the wish for healing are granted from oneself and the environment is protected and safe. If you are careless and aimless or resistant, the plant will have hardly any effect on you, because ultimately healing is always a self-healing process that everyone can create and achieve themselves. The intelligence of the plants helps us on this path of self-healing and self-knowledge, but it does not take this process from us.

On The way to Demystification

Once we realize this, there is also no reason to mystify or demonize these plants, as is still happening a lot – where the plant is not regarded with care and awareness.

And so “psychedelics” are still often denounced as a sign of the devil’s work and warned against, although science has long since discovered their high therapeutic potential. Psychedelics means nothing else than soul openers – and that is exactly what these plants do: they widen the heart and expose the inner unconscious and unprocessed core, they can therefore cause painful experiences, which are the key to recognizing old traumas and ultimately overcoming them. This is precisely why the attentive and experienced guidance that we offer at Ayahuasca in Germany is so important.

The Re-enchantment

The re-enchantment
In this respect, demystification and above all demonization of this medicinal plant is extremely important. But even if science begins to understand these healing processes that the plant is able to bring about, a great miracle remains in the end, namely why we are able to achieve our own healing with the power of our consciousness in interaction with the plant. This magic of nature, which is able to “speak” to us in the plants, should not be analyzed down to the last detail.
There is always magic inherent in nature, with its beauty and healing power, which we should marvel at with humility and gratitude.