Dissolution of the ego to achieve inner peace

Whoever comes in contact with consciousness expanding plant medicine such as ayahuasca and takes them in the right set and setting, will undergo a deep experience exploring one’s own consciousness and the dissolvement of the idea of the self. Furthermore, the illusion of time and space will become imminent. This is precisely the thesis of the Buddhistic teachings, that not only time and space but even the self is an illusion. This is however often falsely misinterpreted as succumbing to an inevitable doom. No, the non-self in fact translates to the true freedom we all possess, to be able to reinvent yourself and to shift your understanding of your own reality constantly.

Meditation as a healing complementation to the Ayahuasca ceremony

Both – Ayahuasca and Buddhism – open up the same wonderful perspective on freedom through self-creation. Hereby they complement each other in an ideal fashion. While the Ayahuasca experience can be very direct and can often feel almost overwhelming – which yogis only experience after years, if not decades of meditation-practice – the meditational aspect makes sure serves to solidify, stabilize and perpetuate the Ayahuasca experience. This can be achieved by ideally daily meditation practice. By doing this, you are truly opening yourself up to the full Ayahuasca-experience. Together, there is a dynamic fruitful exchange and this empowers you to change your life, put together ideas, goals and dreams and be able to take action on them.

Therefore, we at Ayahuasca in Germany strongly encourage meditation as an integral part of the preparation and the aftercare of the Ayahuasca experience, and any other psychedelic experience in fact – especially since the healing powers of meditation have long been scientifically proven.

The wisdom of psychedelics is in danger of dissipating, over the course of time, if it is not embedded in a daily practice of mindfulness and empathy as taught and practiced for thousands of years by the tradition of Buddhism.

Considering this, we, Ayahuasca in Deutschland always emphasize that the special, and often ecstatic experiences of a medicinal plant ceremony and the effects of long-term meditation or yoga exercises, are only two sides of the same coin of self-healing.