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Find the connection to Nature and to yourself again

More and more people feel that the world is out of sync, – not only in the epochal year 2020 – and that we, the human inhabitants, have lost our connection to the planet, to our natural environment, to our fellow creatures, the animals, and also to our own inner nature, and therefore to ourselves. It seems to us that we have misplaced our inner compass on the way to the predatory exploitation of nature, which increasingly demonstrates the exploitation of ourselves, our inner resources, our inner strength, and ultimately the salvation of our souls. For centuries, even millennia, ancient shamanistic cultures – be they from South America, from Africa or Asia, or indeed, from our own European continent in pre-christian times (the Mysteries of Eleusis), which western „scholars“ later disparagingly called the „primitive cultures“ of savages – have, for eons, known of this deep connection between mankind and nature, and have honoured and cultivated it through ceremonial rites.

For this purpose, sacred plants were – and where possible are still – used, which can reveal a way of living in mindfulness and respect for and with nature and which expand and open consciousness for spheres beyond logic and reason, which have become destructive despots instead of useful aides and are blind to the wide, even infinite cosmic, spiritual space which surrounds us and is within us. So we offer monthly weekend ceremonies (FR to SU) and two highlights of the year: over Easter and in October: the 5-day retreat.

Discover the healing powers of Ayahuasca

The most powerful and effective of these plants, if one knows how to incorporate, revere and use it in a ceremonial rite, is the master plant Ayahuasca. Because of its groundbreaking healing power, it enjoys an ever growing resonance, even in our western cultural circles, which since the classical era and emerging Christianity have allowed the sacred tradition of honouring and activating the self-healing powers of nature to fall into decline.

Ironically, it was western science itself, which once – in cosy cooperation with the Catholic Church and the ruling politics – conducted a worldwide campaign against shamanistic rites and cultures, disparaging and almost completely eradicating them, and is now beginning to discover the healing effect of Ayahuasca on physical, spiritual and psychological levels. In this respect, an epochal and global mindshift in our western culture is in the offing.

The healing power of sacred plants, which is echoed in the linguistic roots of „Heilung“ (healing) and „heilig“ (holy), shifts increasingly into the focus of general consciousness. The Corona pandemic can be viewed as a wake-up call of nature to practice respect and humility when dealing with nature, animals and even ourselves. We also want to show you the potential of natural defences – in the form of our immunsystem – that our body, the temple of our soul, holds as a supplement or even alternative to non-natural immunisation.

Healing Ayahuasca Ceremonies

We would like to provide a small but excellent contribution to this shift in consciousness with our 100% legal Ayahuasca ceremonies and travel the path to self-healing through nature, which is given to us by the Ayahuasca plant in combination with the archaic Ayahuasca music. This transformation can begin only within each and every one of us. By healing ourselves, freeing ourselves of trauma, expanding our souls, meeting others with empathy, and laying the foundation stone for our own happiness, we can become a living testimony for others.

This is the philosophy of our Aya retreats. Everyone is heartily welcome, those who are on the way to self-healing, seeking a little more happiness, more inner contentment, a more fulfilling meaning to their lives – or those who simply want to detox and free themselves internally and externally of the stress and the hamster wheel of daily existence.

This kind of meeting with oneself on a deeper level of consciousness, into which only Ayahuasca can lead us together with the transfomative power of archaic sounds and songs, can definitely be painful and uncomfortable, but ultimately it is so worthwhile and fulfilling, because it reveals that in the depth of our souls, when we come face to face with the debris of pain and horror and sadness and fear and strip it away, by embracing it instead of suppressing it, a happier, more fulfilled and self-determined life awaits us.

On this weekend, if you would like to find your way back to yourself, along with our experienced Ayahuasca-in-Germany-team, who will accompany you – both with the healing music and the sacred plant – and gently guide you on this adventurous journey, then reserve here and secure yourself a place in time for one of our monthly Aya retreats, which always take place from Fri. evening to Sun. afternoon.


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