5-Day Retreats with 2 Ayahuasca Ceremonies

Our new 5-Day Intensive Retreats for your spiritual self-healing with Ayahuasca

In addition to our monthly weekend ceremonies (for 3 days and 2 nights) from Friday to Sunday, we offer a very special highlight twice a year, namely a retreat which lasts for 5 days and 4 nights. One of these two retreats takes place over Easter and the other in October.

What is so special about these retreats? We offer 2 Ayahuasca ceremonies with shamanic music and drums and singing bowls (namely at the second and the fourth night), also a Cacao and a Rapé ceremony. This powerful type of retreat lends itself to a particularly intense healing, even of very deep-seated traumas. Each individual ceremony links up with the previous one – and whatever was already pried open or hinted at in the first or second ceremony can then be processed more deeply and fundamentally in the last one. With each ceremony, your openness and permeability for processes of change increases; at the same time, the group energy created in joint meditation and other exercises also increases from day to day along with the common group spirit, which also contributes to your deep healing.

As a result, a 4-day retreat with 4 plant ceremonies (twice ayahuasca!) is far more effective and powerful for your mind, body and soul than 3 single separate ceremonies, because – as mentioned above – each one builds on the previous one and thus has a potentiating effect on you. For it is always the triad of the healing power of the plant, the energy of our group and the spirit of the music, the shamanic sounds and chants that brings about our healing.

These very demanding and intensive retreats are interesting for ayahuasca-experienced as well as for beginners: in the end it always depends on your inner attitude. If the plant is calling you for the first or second or any time and you prepare yourself very carefully and mindfully for this retreat (see here under “Precautions”: https://www.ayahuasca-in-deutschland.de/en/our-retreat/) and you have confidence in the healing power of nature – both that of the plant and your own inner power – then you are also more than welcome to this retreat, through which our experienced team will accompany and guide you safely and lovingly.

Here you can register directly for this very special event which will enrich your life with more joy and inner peace and change it in a profound way: https://www.ayahuasca-in-deutschland.de/en/booking-a-retreat/

Our Ayahuasca Ceremony

After spending Saturday, sometimes together, sometimes alone, in nature as well as in our large house and garden, and having refreshed ourselves with two vegetarian meals taken together at breakfast time and early afternoon (you can find info on the exact procedure under General Information), we ring the bell in the evening (at about 8 o’clock) to announce the Ayahuasca night.

No matter if the moments are heavy and painful, or light and joyful – they are all meaningful, and moreover later, when you are well integrated in your daily life, help you to perceive life among others with more alertness openness and awareness.

After about 6 – 8 hours, we will close the ceremony together slowly and gently.


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