Our Ayahusca

Our Ayahuasca is 100 % legal

The usual, generally used Ayahuasca tea is made with two plantal components: The vine Banisteriopsis caapi and the leaves of the plant called Chacruna (Psychotria viridis), which contains the psychedelic agent Dimethyltryptamin (DMT). Both originated in the Amazon area. However, the use of plants containing DMT is illegal in Germany, even though this is hardly ever checked.

But this is not relevant for us because we have another highly effective plant to use in our retreats without the addition of the plant containing DMT: namely, the Syrian Peganum harmala. While the vine, which comes from the rain forest, suffers massively unsustainable forest clearances as a result of Ayahuasca mass tourism to South America, and therefore contradicts exactly that true purpose of protecting and honouring nature, we use the Syrian Peganum harmala, which is widely available in our region, to be exact in Eurasian areas, for our Ayahuasca ceremonies.

According to the most recent research on the question of the original mode of use of Ayahuasca (see i.a.: Gayle Highpine in www.ayahuasca.com) the original Ayahuasca ritual was only a single drink from the vine without the plant containing DMT. There are still some Amazon cultures today which celebrate in this way. (https://kahpi.net/ayahuasca-vine-only-without-dmt-banisteriopsis-caapi/).

In keeping with this most ancient shamanistic tradition, we use only the Syrian Peganum harmala, a very old herbal medicine used for holy (healing) purposes, which has its origins in the Indo-Iranian culture of Central Asia before it split to become the Indian and Iranian/Persian cultures. Each collected these oral traditions, in part coded, in their sacred scriptures. Soma, in the Indian Rig Veda and Hoama, in the Iranian Avesta are regarded as the secret drink of the Gods. The Rig Veda is one of the oldest scriptures in the world. Here you find more details about the Syrian Rue – called The Ayahuasca of the North.

The seeds of Peganum harmala comprise pure and very concentrated Harmin/Harmalin, which is a so-called MAO inhibitor, and causes the activation of the body’s DMT. In this respect, the use of the Syrian Peganum harmala is not only completely legal (because it does not contain any DMT, only activates the body’s own DMT), and is for our therapeutic and healing purposes by far the more effective, suitable and sustainable substance, because the body’s own production of DMT opens the Third Eye which is responsible for expanding consciousness, and simultaneously teaches us, even after the ceremony, to integrate the experience into our daily lives.

Our Ayahuasca activates our own spiritual potential
(the body’s own production instead of externally added plantal DMT)

It is much more natural and meaningful to activate our body’s own DMT which we can achieve with our high quality Peganum harmala. The famous Ayahuasca researcher and psychiatrist, Dr. Claudio Naranjo, who for decades has researched the enormous potential of Peganum harmala in particular, has confirmed in his standard reference „Die Reise zum Ich – Psychotherapie mit heilenden Drogen“ (“The Journey to myself – Psychotherapy with healing drugs”) that experienced Ayahuasca participants had extremely spiritual experiences without plantal DMT – with Peganum harmala alone.

If you would like to find out more about the healing properties of Peganum harmala, you can look up this report (in English) by the ethno-botanist Giorgio Samarine, who commends the Peganum harmala plant, under the title “Syrian Rue – the Ayahuasca of the North”: https://kahpi.net/syrian-rue-peganum-harmala-ayahuasca/

This article (in English) is something for the natural scientists among you. It is about the numerous, positive effects on one’s health and the therapeutic effects of Peganum harmala, which is its correct scientific name: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3841998/
There are a number of studies, dealing with viruses and infections in particular, which state that no other plant has such anti- inflammation effects as the Peganum harmala, and it therefore provides the strongest protection of the immune system possible. The depth effect of the plant is additionally strengthened in combination with our music- therapeutic sound journey.

Our Ayahuasca for your Self-healing

Our work with Ayahuasca provides access to a new, wider view of the world, of nature, and of your self – and to the question of what you really want in your life, and what makes you most joyful. It enables you to summon up new confidence in yourself again, to attain self-love, and as a result of this to overcome dependencies – be they on alcohol or other drugs. Also, treatment for depression and other psychological and physical suffering has had surprising success using Ayahuasca, which numerous clinical, long-term studies have established worldwide.

Our Ayahuasca medicine, together with the therapeutic sound journey, creates a deep, internal feeling of peace, quiet and serenity, a feeling of connectivity with everything, with every living creature, with nature, and ultimately with the whole Universe. For others, it is the possibility of having a relaxing chill-out, a journey of the self within nature and a physical (and, at the same time, nearly always mental) purification of the self.
So, reserve a place on one of our Ayahuasca weekend retreats or our 2 special highlights of the year: the 5-day retreats and put yourself in the hands of one of our experienced and caring teams, so that, in cooperation with the sacred phytomedicine, you will be shown the path to your creative power.


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