Our Team

Our team of four will accompany you with gentle care and attentiveness the whole weekend, to guarantee you the maximum familiarity and emotional security during your process. We will always be amenable, will answer any questions that come up and offer you the safe environment, which is necessary for the plant to unfold its true effect.


founder of Ayahuasca in Germany. He has personally participated in 100 Ayahuasca sessions, and had the great privilege of being guided by a Peruvian shaman in the deeper wisdom and rites of shamanistic ceremonies in order to pass on his knowledge of the sacred and healing effects of Ayahuasca.
Due to his numerous Ayahuasca experiences, he could help himself to experience, in his own body and soul, a transformation of personality towards to more inner peace and freedom, and to free himself from years of alcohol dependency and the underlying deep trauma experienced in childhood, for this he feels eternal gratitude for this plant.
But this transformation would not have been possible with help from the plant alone; the first step must be one’s own determination to change something in one’s life, so that a safe supervision in the ceremonies, and ultimately a strong will is required to integrate in daily life, the experiences undergone through the effects of the plant. This holistic approach is exactly the way he wishes to share his experiences with others, thanks to Ayahuasca, and to accompany them on their path to self-healing.

Joel Olivé

is a sound-healer with 20 years of studies in expanded states of consciousness, a professor at different institutes of transpersonal psychotherapy in Spain and a guide to master plants ceremonies like Ayahuasca all over the world. He leads workshops for sound therapy and Ayahuasca (especially Syrian Rue), as he was selected to open the World Ayahuasca Conference 2019 in Girona (Spain) and to give his workshop there.
Many of his instruments have archaic origins from primal cultures where they were used to induce states of trance or contemplative introspection, some of them are built by the musician himself.
Joel’s concert invites us to explore exotic areas of our soul, hidden landscapes of our unconscious and sometimes it facilitates contact with traumas or extasis – especially in combination with his guided sacred master plants ceremonies.
A fundamental part of his work is the integration, a therapeutic space to elaborate and settle the emotional material or mystic experience lived during the session combining the healing music with the healing power of the plant medicine Ayahuasca.


Our female ayahuasca shaman Satya will lead our two 4-day retreats and two additional 2-day retreats with her incredible singing voice and many archaic instruments. She serves as a facilitator and instructor with a total of 17 years of dedicated study in the healing arts including yoga, breathwork, bodywork, somatic therapy, sound therapy, psychology, functional nutrition, ethnobotany and shamanism with respected teachers such as Dr. John Burchard, Rolando Tangoa Murayari, Marcelo Alverez Nicolas, Globe Institute and more to respectfully work with people dealing with trauma and addiction, as well as those seeking clarity in any area of life experience and in their awakening process. Satya is committed to ongoing education about harm reduction and responsible practices in the use of entheogens such as ayahuasca for healing and awakening, as well as the importance of proper integration, and is currently working with ICEERS (International Center for Ethnobotanical Research and Service) to continue these efforts.


Mary is the big animal lover in our team and of course vegan. She will company us mindfully and with empathy and with her soft spirit through the weekend and is also responsible for the plant-based vegan organic food. She has also a lot of deep experiences with the plant medicine Ayahuasca and will be with the participants through their processes. Who arrives by train, will be picked up personally by Mary from the train station (Bonn/Siegburg).


Lorena was born in Barcelona, has been living now in Germany for many years, is our well-trained yoga teacher, who will prepare us with special body-, breathe and concentration exercises for the Saturday Ayahuasca night. She has also an apprenticeship in Family Constellation, so that she is well able to support each participant of the Ayahuasca journey. She has also been working with the plant medicine (Syrian Rue) for many years to help everybody in his or her Ayahuasca process.