Our Team

Our team of four will accompany you with gentle care and attentiveness the whole weekend, to guarantee you the maximum familiarity and emotional security during your process. We will always be amenable, will answer any questions that come up and offer you the safe environment, which is necessary for the plant to unfold its true effect.


founder of Ayahuasca in Germany. He has personally participated in 100 Ayahuasca (Harmala) sessions, and had the great privilege of taking part in various ceremomies giuded by a Peruvian shaman. So he could learn al lot from his deeper wisdom about the true nature of ourselves and the intelligence of the plant spirits. And so his aim is it to pass on this knowledge of the sacred and healing effects of plant medicine.
Due to his numerous Ayahuasca experiences, he could help himself to experience, in his own body and soul, a transformation of personality towards to more inner peace and freedom, and to free himself from years of alcohol dependency and the underlying deep trauma experienced in childhood, for this he feels eternal gratitude for this plant.
But this transformation would not have been possible with help from the plant alone; the first step must be one’s own determination to change something in one’s life, so that a safe supervision in the ceremonies, and ultimately a strong will is required to integrate in daily life, the experiences undergone through the effects of the plant. This holistic approach is exactly the way he wishes to share his experiences with others, thanks to Ayahuasca, and to accompany them on their path to self-healing.


Diana is an intuitive energy healer and channeler. Trained in several
healing modalities, working with energies professionally, she can hold the
space and support you in your own healing process.

Her experiences with energy work gave her the background needed for providing good support for our participants. She is well connected to higher realms and trusts the medicine of Ayahuasca completely.

Her main focus is on the well-being of the participants in any way, whether it’s in the ceremony space or during the day.

She believes that we can heal ourselves completely by working on all 3
layers of our being- body, mind, and soul. And her Ayahuasca journey is
about that. It has been a deeply transformative experience for her personal
life and work.

She believes that the ceremony is the beginning where the portal opens, but
the medicine continues to work for weeks and even months after.

“Life is a ceremony, we are the medicine.”

Here you find more information about here energy work: https://linktr.ee/dianafitosova


Marlene is a trained medical doctor. From a young age she has been interested in how healing works and how to make it happen. She first started working on the physical level by studying human medicine. However, disappointment was not long in coming when she realised that western (conventional) medicine does not understand the human being as a whole (with body, mind and soul). This motivated her to dig deeper, whereupon she started meditating and later working with energy healing and tarot. Her great thirst for knowledge as well as her strong intuition motivated her to complete training as a medium and later also as an anthroposophical doctor.

She is a holistic doctor who is very much supported and accompanied by the spiritual world. The plant medicine ayahuasca has accompanied and strengthened her on this path.

The plant medicine ayahuasca has accompanied and strengthened her on this path, so that she now wants to accompany and support others on this deep path of healing.


Anna answers the call of the plant and is at your side throughout the retreat as a helping hand in the background.
Anna used to work in the advertising industry. Today she lives in nature, in a in a small hut on the edge of the forest and surrounds herself with friendly people and animals. people and animals. Her knowledge of wild herbs and her diet based on them taught her that all plants have an effect on us – this is what led her to the path of our ceremonies.


Mary is the big animal lover – and of course vegan – in our team. She is Irish, that means a native English speaker, and will always translate from German into English and vice versa on Sundays during the sharing.