Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your retreats so special?2020-10-19T08:42:36+00:00

In our opinion, it’s best to never compare either people or retreats. Everyone does their best, according to their individual way of doing things (assuming it is with good intent). Nevertheless, we are happy (and grateful) to say that thanks to our musician, shaman and sound therapist, Joel Olive, we actually offer something very special, namely, shamanistic LIVE MUSIC which takes you on a therapeutic journey into sound through a variety of archaic instruments. These archaic instruments, which in themselves have strong healing powers, when combined with the sacred Ayahuasca plant, within the setting of a ceremony, bring about additional transformational effects.

What’s provided at your retreats and what do I need to bring with me?2020-10-19T08:42:11+00:00

Meals are provided on Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday morning, but feel free to bring a few snacks with you, for example some nuts. Comfortable mattresses, along with pillows, blankets and bed linen are provided in both the ceremony room and the in all of bed rooms. But those who wish to bring their own blanket or pillow, should certainly do so. Towels and shower products are, however, not provided by the retreat house. Tea is available, around the clock, in our tea room. It is, however, recommended that you bring your own good quality, still water. It is also recommended that you bring a pair of warm socks and/or slippers for indoors.

On which planes does Ayahuasca work?2020-10-19T08:41:32+00:00

The master-plant Ayahuasca, in our case the Syrian Rue works on all three human planes at once: the physical (physiological), the mental (intellectual-mental), and the spiritual (psychic).

Physically, you will have more energy, feel more relaxed and have a deeper sleep, and even the physical cleansing during the ceremony, on its own, will have a detoxifying effect, similar to that of a long fasting period. Through the strong anti-inflammatory effect of the plant, your susceptibility to any infection will naturally decrease. This makes Syrian Rue one of the best sources of protection against influenza or Covid-19.

Mentally, you will discover a great increase in clarity and focus. You will attain a higher ability to concentrate, comparable to the benefits of a year of meditation. As well as that, your mindfulness and empathy will be significantly activated and enhanced.

Spiritually, you will receive a greater feeling of balance and serenity, resulting in more inner peace, self-confidence and self-love. Through this, you will find it much easier, to follow your highest excitement, your passion and possibly: implement the necessary steps to work towards a long-awaited dream of yours.

When should I book the Retreat?2020-10-19T08:40:20+00:00

That is, of course, fully up to you. There are often people, who book spontaneously and are in luck and get a place. But we generally encourage everyone to book early – suggested: six to eight weeks in advance – not only to be in with a chance of getting one of the restricted places, but because Ayahuasca, specifically the spirit, begins to take its effect at a very early stage, as soon as one has decided on a ceremony. This is something you will notice in your dreams, which will, in turn, offer you a direction and focus for this event. On top of this, you will have time to prepare yourself by adjusting to a plant-based diet. All in all, the more and the earlier you can mentally, physically and spiritually concentrate and zone in on the event, the more effective and deeper your experience with the plant will be and the more sustainable the healing effect will have.

How is it that your Ayahuasca-Retreats are 100% legal?2020-10-19T08:39:05+00:00

We offer one of the oldest variants of Ayahuasca, namely Syrian Rue in an accordingly high dose, which instead of using the DMT plant supplement – this would not be legal – it activates the body’s own, naturally produced DMT. This not only leads to a consciousness-expanding experience, but also a long term and sustainable deep healing experience.

What if my expectations are not fulfilled?2020-09-15T15:45:40+00:00

We advise you strongly – from our long years of experience – not to go into the ceremony with expectations. The motto should be: With a certain intention, YES, with a certain expectation, NO. Mostly, a fixed expectation will be disappointed. The plant knows better than yourself, what it can do. “You do not get what you want, you get what you need” You will only avoid disappointment by relying on the plant and its process. Sometimes, the experience is quite different from your expectations.

The list of Frequently Asked Questions here is naturally not complete. You can get in touch with us by phone, email, WhatsApp, or telegram, and ask any questions you may have. In addition, there is a detailed question time just before the Ayahuasca ceremony begins.

What can I do to prevent anxiety and nervousness before starting the ceremony?2020-09-15T15:40:25+00:00

First and foremost, what you can do is be aware of it, look upon it and accept it. It is completely normal to react with fear and defensiveness when confronted with something new and a little frightening; it is also a part of our evolutionary inheritance. If you recognize fear and accept it in a good Buddhist manner, you are mitigating the strength of it and are on the best path to letting it go. Trust in the intelligence of the plant which wants to heal you, and in the competence of our carers, in whose charge you will be safe and protected. We compare the feeling before an Ayahuasca ceremony with an artist’s stage fright before the show: it is not particularly comfortable, but it is also a sign of positive tension and respect for what’s going to happen on stage. As soon as you let the ceremony envelop you, the stage fright will lift and you will be transported by the plant and its healing process.

Can I drive on Sunday after the ceremony?2020-09-15T15:41:26+00:00

Yes, this is possible in 99% of cases. If you are the 1%, you can leave the next day – safety first. Basically, it is so that even when you feel somewhat overwhelmed on waking in the morning, a good breakfast, a special vitamin C drink with Camu, which will be served to you all, will quickly make you fit and physically energized. This is followed by a communal sharing (to about 14/15.00) which will help you by processing the insights and experiences gained and, in addition, contribute to your physical regeneration.

Why do your retreats take two nights instead of one?2020-09-15T15:38:40+00:00

The deeper reason for a two day retreat is so you get into the vibes and mood of the communal space we create. We can experience the effects of Ayahuasca more intensely and deeply if we have spent a communal night together with the heart-warming cocoa plant, and a whole day in togetherness – but also alone – in meditation, in quiet and stimulating conversation. We are more relaxed this way, open and chilled to give Ayahuasca the required space and resonance and fulfillment of your (soul) “work”. Everyone who has experienced both these days and nights can confirm the deep healing effect a two day break with two plant ceremonies has on the spirit and soul..

Is it possible to have a horror trip?2020-09-15T15:37:48+00:00

In this sense, in the way this term is often used, you cannot have a horror trip, because we lead and accompany you gently, and calm you through difficult moments, and as a consequence, pull you out of a difficult process. A difficult process is certainly possible; the plant is showing you the required way to self-healing. It can, indeed, be uncomfortable and painful, but is never uncontrolled or unbearable, and can be stopped at any time. You are in a protected and secure place, so that every process you experience contributes to your healing.

Who is best and least suited to take Ayahuasca?2020-09-15T15:44:02+00:00

Ayahuasca is suitable for everyone who fulfills the basic health preconditions, those who are not suffering from certain illnesses, as described in the section “Medical Information”. Further, Ayahuasca is suitable for everyone who is curious about something new, about changing lives, and is ready to receive new perspectives. However, it is not suitable for someone awaiting miracles without having to make an effort themselves and be responsible for their actions. Also, Ayahuasca is unsuitable for whoever is up for a short, superficial “high” and is unwilling to spend time on inner contemplation. Our retreats are not a drug-fest, they are ceremonies for joyful living, meaningfulness and respect for others.

The list of Frequently Asked Questions here is naturally not complete. You can get in touch with us by phone, email, Whatsapp, or telegram, and ask any questions you may have. In addition, there is a detailed question time just before the Ayahuasca ceremony begins.


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