Our Prices

Retreat weekends

(from Friday ca. 18.00 h to Sunday ca. 16.00 h)
For our services – a guided cocoa ceremony included holotropic breathing (on the Friday night) and a guided Ayahuasca ceremony (on the Saturday night) with meditation guidance and some other exercises – the cost is

For 5-day retreats (4 nights / plant ceremonies including 2 Ayahuasca)

the cost is €789.

On request, you will receive an official invoice (“Workshop on DEEP LEARNING”) with proven value-added tax, which you can declare for tax purposes. This sum is to be paid, along with your registration, before the retreat. This way, you can secure one of the, maximum of 20, sought-after places in our Ayahuasca weekend retreats.

In exchange for this, we offer you plant ceremonies with round-the-clock support and guidance from our team members. As well as that, we include Ayahuasca music with its powerfully transformative and healing potential on each ceremony. Besides this, pre-ceremony and follow-up support are included in the price. On the retreat, we ask you to pay, in cash, for the organic, plant-based (vegan), whole-food meals and the overnight accommodation. The meals cost €25 per day, which means €50 for the entire weekend. A bed in the ceremony room costs €30 per night, a bed in either of the 4-bedded or 5-bedded dorm rooms costs €40 per night. Whoever would rather a bed in a double room (very limited!) needs to pay €60 per night.

That means al together including the food it’s depending on the room category €110€, €130 or €170 for the weekend / €220, €260 or €340 for the 5-day retreat.

We believe that, although there certainly are cheaper offers on the market (where for example, you only stay one night and don’t receive any pre-ceremony or follow-up support), we offer a fair price. We believe this because we offer a retreat which provides diverse dimensions – journey of sound on both evenings, meditation guidance AND two guided sacred healing plant ceremonies, the effect of which brings deep healing, leading to recognition of your own strength, and the attainment of inner peace, happiness and contentment. All this transformation offers you a life of more sustainable positivity. . 


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