The master-plant Ayahuasca, in our case the Syrian Rue works on all three human planes at once: the physical (physiological), the mental (intellectual-mental), and the spiritual (psychic).

Physically, you will have more energy, feel more relaxed and have a deeper sleep, and even the physical cleansing during the ceremony, on its own, will have a detoxifying effect, similar to that of a long fasting period. Through the strong anti-inflammatory effect of the plant, your susceptibility to any infection will naturally decrease. This makes Syrian Rue one of the best sources of protection against influenza or Covid-19.

Mentally, you will discover a great increase in clarity and focus. You will attain a higher ability to concentrate, comparable to the benefits of a year of meditation. As well as that, your mindfulness and empathy will be significantly activated and enhanced.

Spiritually, you will receive a greater feeling of balance and serenity, resulting in more inner peace, self-confidence and self-love. Through this, you will find it much easier, to follow your highest excitement, your passion and possibly: implement the necessary steps to work towards a long-awaited dream of yours.